How Can eLearning Help Enterprise Architecture?


Gone are the days where online courses were regarded as being worth less than the (virtual) paper the certification was printed on. It is now possible to find truly valuable courses that benefit both the individual and the organization as a whole. However, not all courses are made equal. So how do you find one that is suited to your needs and can help transform you career and organization?

Finding the Right Training Course for You

There are several facets to finding the right course; the first one is the subject matter. Does the course help you achieve your aims? Does it provide relevant content that supports your learning? What are the benefits to you? Essentially, it all comes down to the quality of the course and its content. Specialist providers should be able to provide high quality learning, and you can check the accreditation awarded upon completion, as well as the credentials of the person delivering the training.

Online training courses come with a number of inherent valuable features that can be tailored to individual needs, whether it’s flexibility in time commitments, the opportunity to learn on the go, or to engage with a wider community of learners. As technology advances, so do the possibilities for innovation in the eLearning space. For instance, there is ever more opportunity to interact, use a range of devices to learn, and get technical support. Consequently, we can shop around to find a course that truly meets our requirements.

Can Online Training Courses Live Up to Their Claims?

Or to put it another way, do online training courses represent value for money? Of course, it depends in large part on the course, but certainly the right ones can represent great investments for both individuals and the wider enterprise. A course with useful content, which suits your personality and the way you learn, creates myriad benefits - at the very least you will have learnt a valuable skill or methodology, and probably you have opened new doors for career progression. At same time your company – or future company – now has a more skilled and versatile employee.

While an online course alone will not get you a new job, nor would any degree or qualification. However, in recent years, online courses have become more than just a hoop to jump through and upon completion may afford you previously unavailable interview opportunities, or even prove the critical differentiator between two candidates at interview stage. Moreover, an individual can use a learnt skill to add tangible benefit to an organization, increasing their worth and what someone will pay to retain their services.

Why Orbus Online Training?

At Orbus we have developed a large portfolio of bespoke business and IT training courses. Our expertise in the field helps us deliver effective online training solutions that are learner-centric, goal-oriented, business focused and driven by the latest technology. With Orbus Online Training you get:

  • Trusted, approved and accredited courses – high quality self-paced training designed by industry experts
  • 20,000 active users – an innovative ecosystem for formal, social and experiential learning
  • Extensive report suite – business driven reporting with intelligent learner data
  • 24/7 access through multiple devices – including an offline mode to study on the move

Explore the Orbus ecosystem today to find a bespoke course tailored to your needs, and take your learning to the next level.