OrbusInfinity: Now Connected to Microsoft Power Automate!

Graphic illustration of Power Automate logo with the OrbusInfinity logo plugging into it

As digital-native professionals today, we rely on technology to support us in our daily endeavors. All too often though, we are let down by disjointed systems and siloed information that can act as barriers to our efficiency and productivity. To truly perform at our best, we need the tools we use to be interconnected, allowing for a seamless flow of information across platforms and applications. It's with this vision of enhanced connectivity and productivity that we're thrilled to announce that the OrbusInfinity Connector in Microsoft Power Automate is now available 

But what does this mean for you, and why should you be excited about it? 

What is Microsoft Power Automate?  

Power Automate is a well-established business tool and integration service that creates a connection between applications. Think of it as a bridge that connects different apps and services, allowing them to work together seamlessly. With Power Automate, you can set up "flows" - these are essentially step-by-step instructions that tell your apps what to do and when to do it. 

For example, you could create a flow that automatically saves email attachments to your cloud storage, or one that sends you a notification whenever a new task is assigned to you.  

Power Automate + OrbusInfinity 

Users of OrbusInfinity and Power Automate can now:   

  • Automate processes: Users can establish automated workflows, without needing assistance from developers. These flows can include file synchronization, notification streamlining, data collection, and more 
  • Focus on strategy: Power Automate is designed to be low-code and user-friendly, with drag-and-drop tools and hundreds of prebuilt connectors. This means that even without extensive coding knowledge, users can automate repetitive tasks effortlessly, freeing up time for more strategic initiatives. 
  • Enhance workflows with AI: Improve the value of your automated processes even further with Power Automate’s AI Builder. Users can add intelligence into automated processes, predict outcomes, and help improve business performance. 

Key benefits for OrbusInfinity users 

  • Error reduction and quality assurance: Automating workflows reduces the likelihood of human error. This ensures more consistent and reliable outputs, which are crucial for maintaining high-quality standards in business processes. 
  • Customization and flexibility: Power Automate allows for the customization of workflows to meet specific business needs. This offers greater flexibility in how processes are designed and executed. Typical flows include automating approvals, notifications, and actions. 
  • Real-time updates and notifications: Automated workflows can be configured to provide real-time updates and notifications about critical processes or changes. This feature keeps relevant stakeholders informed and enables timely responses to important events.  
  • Business continuity: Automated workflows ensure that critical business processes continue to run smoothly, even without key personnel.  

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