Quarterly Impact Report: Celebrating One Year of OrbAid

A graphic representation of Orbus Software's logo, featuring a stylized letter 'O' with elements suggesting a caring hand, green leaves, and blue waves, symbolizing the company's commitment to sustainability and positive global impact.

Building on the launch of our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program OrbAid in 2023, we are proud to share our progress almost a year on.

Environmental impact

  • Trees planted: A total of 420 trees were planted in collaboration with One Tree Planted, contributing to global restoration efforts and biodiversity.
  • Green initiatives: Although we are still enhancing our green procurement policies and green travel policies, these efforts remain a core focus of our ESG strategy.

Social impact

  • Charitable contributions: We successfully raised £20,401 for charity, surpassing our goal of £15,000. Key fundraising events included a Tough Mudder and a C-Suite auction.
  • Volunteer time off: Our employees dedicated 41 days to volunteer activities, including food rescue initiatives in Australia, forest cleanup in Poland, and a blood donation drive in the UK.
  • Partnerships: Our ongoing partnerships with Médecins Sans Frontières and One Tree Planted have been instrumental in providing medical aid and supporting environmental sustainability.


  • ESG and partner round table: We held a successful round table discussion with our partners to explore the power of corporate collaboration in achieving ESG goals.
  • Product developments: The launch of our Sustainability Lens and the upcoming release of our Sustainability Management Solution in OrbusInfinity are key milestones in integrating ESG into our products and services.

Review of 2023 pledges

Out of the nine pledges made for 2023, we achieved four:

1. Make a positive social impact by raising over £15k for charity

2. Hold ESG and partner roundtable discussions

3. Create an ESG product capability roadmap

4. Launch employee Volunteer Time Off program and achieve 10% adoption worldwide

We are incredibly proud of these successes, but we recognize that there are areas needing further progress, such as waste management and green travel policies, which we have carried over into our 2024 commitments.

Commitments for 2024

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue our journey towards sustainability and social responsibility. We have aligned our 2024 pledges with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to ensure we are part of a larger effort to make a positive impact. These comprise:

1. Make a positive social impact by raising over £15k for charity
This initiative underscores our commitment to making a tangible, positive impact on society. We will donate to our corporate charity partners Médecins Sans Frontières and One Tree Planted.

2. Make positive environmental changes through green procurement policies
We aim to create a green procurement policy and measure our impact monthly. In doing so, we commit to making informed decisions that favor sustainability, reduce our carbon footprint, and promote a healthier planet.

3. Launch a customer referral scheme with One Tree Planted to plant 1,500 trees
We will build on our partnership with One Tree Planted to not only thank our customers for their trust but also enable them to be part of our sustainability journey.

4. Launch a not-for-loss solution for the not-for-profit sector
We are planning to launch an OrbusInfinity offering to empower charitable organizations with the tools and resources to maximize their impact, ensuring that they can continue their invaluable work without financial strain.

5. Launch OnHand and engage 200 employees
The platform helps employees contribute in the ways that they want to. In doing so, we hope to mobilize 200 employees to participate in at least one positive action.

6. Adhere to a green travel policy
We pledge to implement and adhere to a green travel policy, prioritizing sustainable travel options to minimize our environmental impact.

7. Introduce effective waste management policies across global offices
Across our global offices, we commit to introducing and upholding effective waste management policies that minimize our environmental footprint.

8. Continue to invest in our Sustainability Management Solution in OrbusInfinity
With the launch of our Sustainability Management Solution taking place in 2024, we pledge to continue investing in the offering to enhance the user experience and truly embed sustainability in all business decision-making.

9. Launch employee donation matching
We want to democratize doing good so that everyone at Orbus can support the causes that are important to them. The employee donation matching scheme aims to support this, so our individual impacts can be amplified.

2023 was a year of impactful achievements and learning experiences. As we move forward, Orbus Software remains dedicated to enhancing our ESG efforts, progressing on our pledges, and making a positive impact on both the planet and society. We thank all our partners, clients, and employees who continue to support and drive our ESG initiatives.

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