Quarterly Impact Report: Embracing Progress and Improvement

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Earlier this year, we launched our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policy, OrbAid. We're excited to share our first Quarterly Impact Report, a reflection of our ESG journey so far. It's an opportunity for us to celebrate achievements, acknowledge areas for growth, and share our dedication to creating meaningful impact. 

Celebrating milestones 

We're thrilled to have reached significant milestones in our ESG journey this year: 
  • 375 Trees Planted: A step towards a greener planet. 
  • Over £20,401 in Charity Donations: Testament to our commitment to social well-being and collective responsibility. 

Journeying towards our pledges 

  • Positive Social Impact: We are elated to have surpassed our fundraising goal, contributing over £20,401 to charity through collaborative initiatives. 
  • Green Procurement Policies: We’re actively developing strategies to ensure environmentally and socially responsible procurement practices. 
  • Customer Referral and Onboarding Scheme with One Tree Planted: A series of internal and external initiatives are supporting us to reach our goal of planting 1500 trees. 
  • ESG and Partner Round Table Discussions: Our sessions bring together partners like One Tree Planted and Médecins Sans Frontières to deliberate on our mutual impacts.

Acknowledging areas for growth 

  • Employee Volunteer Time Off Program: We're making strides towards achieving a 10% global adoption and encourage everyone to join in making a difference. 
  • Waste Management Policies: Despite minor delays, we're resolute in implementing effective waste management across our global offices. 
  • Green Travel Policies: We have already made significant reductions in the amount of necessary travel of our team, and we’re developing further green travel policies to continue improving our our carbon footprint. 

Spotlighting positive impact challenges 

  • Australia's Cooking for a Cause: Our team rolled up their sleeves to support Australian food rescue charity OzHarvest, helping to combat food insecurity. 
  • Poland's Forest Cleanup: The team devoted time and energy to clean up local forests, underscoring our commitment to environmental conservation.
  • UK’s Blood Donation Drive: A group of our London team participated in a life-saving blood donation drive. 

Looking forward 

We are currently developing an ESG solution as part of our enterprise transformation platform OrbusInfinity, with the goal of helping organizations make sustainability a key driver of business decision-making. More on this soon! Head over to our dedicated community forum to help us shape the future of sustainable enterprise transformation. 

While we're proud of our accomplishments, we're also embracing a continuous improvement mindset. We're transparent about areas that need enhancement, and we're resolute in our pursuit to refine our strategies and elevate our impact. 

This report underscores our unwavering commitment to being responsible corporate citizens, contributing to a more sustainable, equitable, and compassionate world. Here's to more growth, learning, and shared success. 

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