Forbes Technical Council: Rethinking IT Rationalization to Drive Efficiency and Innovation

Graphic illustration of a person on their laptop with multiple apps open

Our CTO Rupert Colbourne, in his recent Forbes article, delves into the pressing challenge of technology sprawl that's ensnaring modern organizations.  

With an average of 664 IT applications in large enterprises, the need for IT rationalization has never been more urgent. Rupert emphasizes that while cost-cutting is essential, it's crucial not to sacrifice long-term growth and innovation at the altar of short-term savings. He advocates for a cultural shift, viewing rationalization as an ongoing journey rather than a one-time fix.

By aligning decisions with business objectives and leveraging data-driven insights, organizations can streamline their tech stack, reduce technical debt, and optimize vendor relationships. Ultimately, Rupert asserts that a holistic approach to IT rationalization can unlock a trifecta of benefits: reducing costs, increasing agility, and aligning technology with strategic priorities. 

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