SourceAmerica and OrbusInfinity: Investing in Tomorrow

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If there's anything that the digital era has taught us, it's that growth is an ongoing journey. In the world of enterprise, that journey involves constant evolution, digital transformation, and a relentless focus on value delivery. And OrbusInfinity is a potent ally on this transformative journey. 

The story of SourceAmerica's growth

Founded with an admirable mission, SourceAmerica supports individuals with disabilities to secure meaningful employment. To give you an idea of their scale, they currently support almost 60,000 individuals and manage $3.1 billion in annual billings.

However, with growth comes its own set of challenges. When SourceAmerica expanded its customer base in 2015, the need to overhaul its IT system became evident. The key challenge? To cultivate a more flexible and scalable operational ecosystem. And so, began their search for the ideal enterprise architecture (EA) tool.

Why Orbus Software? 

The team's initial selection of iServer offered impeccable integration, especially with Microsoft. As Tahir Javed, the Director of Enterprise Architecture at SourceAmerica, aptly said: “The platform's integrations with Microsoft were a leading factor in our decision to purchase iServer to guide us on our diversification and digital transformation journey." 

But the benefits didn't stop at integration. With iServer, the team could efficiently document and define application infrastructures. More importantly, this data could be shared with a wider audience, creating a transparent and communicative environment. 

Javed further adds, “As I built, documented, and defined these models, relationships, and application infrastructures, I wanted to publish that information and make it available to broader audiences. iServer enabled me to do just that.” 

OrbusInfinity: The next leap forward 

After reaping the benefits of iServer, SourceAmerica’s evolution didn't stop. They transitioned to OrbusInfinity, Orbus Software's cloud-based alternative, to support their cloud migration strategy. Throughout this phase, the support from Orbus was unwavering. As Javed acknowledges, “Orbus was always available to help and support me during the migration to OrbusInfinity, its implementation, and during the documentation of our EA.” 

What lies ahead? 

With OrbusInfinity, SourceAmerica envisions a brighter, streamlined future. The goal? Building a mature EA practice, consolidating its application portfolio, and ensuring a seamless shift to a fully cloud-based infrastructure. 

“A big aspiration for us now is to enable the wider business to derive as much value from EA as we have in IT,” said Javed. “We believe that OrbusInfinity will be foundational in making objective and appropriate investments where they are most urgently needed.” 

Final thoughts 

The journey of SourceAmerica with OrbusInfinity isn't just a case study; it's a testament to the power of the right EA tool in the enterprise transformation journey. As the decision-makers and technologists drive change, it's essential to align with tools that not only meet your immediate needs but also adapt and evolve with you. As SourceAmerica's journey reveals, OrbusInfinity promises to be an ally in this evolutionary journey. 

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