The Top Blogs of 2020


A very difficult year has finally concluded. It’s not the best year to look back over, but there are always silver linings to be found. This year we published a variety of articles across the range of Enterprise Architecture topics, and we’ve picked the top 5 below: 

1) How to begin Application Rationalization 

Always a popular topic, our guide to getting started with Application Rationalization was the most popular blog of the year. This blog explored the methods needed to find application to rationalize, the factors that you should consider before rationalization, and a simple method of application scoring to determine the final choices. 

2) Answers to the Most Common Questions about Enterprise Architecture 

A more general topic takes the second spot, with our blog providing answers to the most common questions people have about Enterprise Architecture. Questions covered what enterprise architecture is, why it is important, and how to create an enterprise architecture, as well as a comparison of the 4 major EA frameworks. We also looked at the difference between enterprise architecture and its subdivisions, such as business or application architecture. 

3) COVID-19 - The Time for Application Rationalization Is Now More Than Ever 

Naturally, the COVID-19 pandemic makes an appearance, with the third most popular blog demonstrating why application rationalization is important due to the effects of the pandemic. Given the economic disruption imposed on most businesses, and the major change in how firms function, it’s no surprise that taking control of an application portfolio would be a priority for firms. 

4) Enterprise Architecture is a Map to Navigate Rapid Organizational Change 

Coming in in 4th place is this blog that looks to answer a difficult question: what is the purpose of Enterprise Architecture? One answer that we provided is its importance in achieving organizational transformation, particularly in the digital sphere. So much of last year was about change, both internal and external, and perhaps more than anything else this helped to demonstrate the importance of enterprise architecture to organizations. 

5) The 5 Key Business Impact Analysis Steps 

Rounding out the top 5 is another ‘quick start’ guide, this one focused on business impact analysis. Impact analysis is perhaps less immediate in its impact compared to something like application rationalization, but the ability to deal quickly with crises – say, a global pandemic – could come in very handy. Businesses with well prepared impact analyses would be in a good position for the next disruption to come. 

Those were the top 5 blogs of 2020. We look forward to bringing more relevant content in 2021, and to a better year all around.