Top 10 Enterprise Architecture Resources from the Orbus Software Library


We hope you've been enjoying the insightful articles written by our blog authors this year! We thought we'd give them a little break, so today we're giving you the highlights of our Enterprise Architecture Resource Library. Check out the top 10 downloads of 2015 so far:

1. TOGAF 9 Starter Pack

Starter pack complete with TOGAF® 9 Visio stencil, informative poster and PowerPoint guide to TOGAF.

2. How to Customize or Simplify TOGAF 9

White paper discussing the mantra that TOGAF must be adapted and customized to meet your practices needs; not just once, but every time you use it.

3. ArchiMate Poster Pack (Print Version)

The ArchiMate® 2.1 Poster pack provides a quick-glance reference to both ArchiMate Concepts and ArchiMate Viewpoints.

4. What is Enterprise Architecture - TOGAF Distilled Series

A series of videos exploring the TOGAF framework, what it is, how it works, how to integrate with other frameworks and the business benefits of adopting a TOGAF framework.

5. EA: Gap Analysis

This paper looks at a typical EA Gap Analysis process, and identifies the key questions and think points to address when looking at the Current and Target State, along with advice on identifying and bridging gaps.

6. ArchiMate 2 Starter Pack

A comprehensive introduction to ArchiMate® 2.1, including useful posters, Visio stencils and template, as well as a useful guide to the ArchiMate® 2.1 notation.

7. What are the benefits of ArchiMate - Distilled Video Series

This series explores the ArchiMate notation, the benefits of using ArchiMate and how ArchiMate compares to TOGAF.

8. Mobile Architecture - More than a Ubiquitous Delivery Channel

In this webinar Guy Sereff will provide an overview of how mobile devices have grown in sophistication and end-user adoption to the point where they has become a primary channel for many consumers, rather than a limited way to browse an organization's mobile web site.

9. The TOGAF ADM Cycle Poster 2 - The Preliminary Phase

Poster 2 focuses on the Preliminary Phase, where TOGAF is tailored to meet the needs of the coming iteration of ADM, defining key principles and steps.

10.Soft Skills for Enterprise Architects

Slide deck looking at the skills and languages architects need to learn in order to earn a seat at the broader organization table outside of the traditional IT walls.


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