The Top 5 Resources of 2017

two signposts with 2018 pointing right and 2017 pointing left

Happy New Year! 2018 is here and with it comes a whole world of opportunity. Of course, this also means another year has gone by but instead of dwelling on the passing of time, we thought it might be better if we commemorated the good times. Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Resources of 2017 in no particular order (did you miss any of them?):

1. Business Motivation Model Poster Pack

Made up of four distinct posters, this pack proved to be a valuable resource for professionals looking to incorporate the Business Motivation Model into their analysis tool belt. The pack enables users to quickly understand the main function and inner workings of the BMM, offering much needed structure to the process of developing, communicating and managing business plans.

2. Application Management and Architecture: Agility Driven by Application Platforms

Written by Andrew Swindell, this eBook was a success among professionals looking to learn more about their options for cutting costs while increasing the level of alignment between business and IT within their organization. Considering the growing importance of Application Portfolio Management, this resource is a must-read for those who wish to gain a deeper insight into the rationale for proactively managing their applications in order to support their company’s agility.

3, 13 Facts Everyone Must Know About GDPR Poster

This year on the 28th of May, the General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect. This is as relevant now as it was last year, perhaps even more so. As such, we put together 13 key facts that everyone should know about the GDPR. It’s not very likely, but if you missed this one be sure to have a look, you might be surprised by some of the provisions in the Regulation.

4. 10 Fundamental Steps to Business Process Success Poster

If you don’t have a really good handle on the business process side of things, don’t worry. This poster created in collaboration with veteran Business Process Analyst Joan Pournara will have you up to speed without going into great details. For those interested in business process management this resource should not be missed.

5. Mapping ArchiMate 3.0 to TOGAF Poster

TOGAF and ArchiMate are the most widely used standards in the EA world. They are both managed by The Open Group and were developed with integration in mind. Still, to ensure best practice professionals need guidance. This resource deals with how architects can best integrate the two in order to get optimum results and run an efficient enterprise architecture practice.

That was our Top 5 Resources of 2017. We hope you have enjoyed the materials we’ve put out over the past year and we look forward to sharing even better resources in 2018.