Video Series: COBIT 5 Principle 3 - Applying a Single Integrated Framework


Organisations have an increasingly challenging task of managing and governing their information and related technology. This is due to continual changes in technology and also pressure from customers, suppliers and importantly regulators and legislators.

Making sense of all these tasks and obligations requires a framework that provides both coverage and consistency but also has the ability to be customizable to the organisation. COBIT 5 is well positioned to take the role of a single and integrated framework for four main reasons:

Firstly, it takes into account the latest standards and frameworks which positions COBIT 5 as a ‘superstructure’ that can be used to align all governance and management activities

Secondly, as a basis for integrating other frameworks, standards and practices COBIT 5 is well-positioned as a single, integrated source of guidance in non-technical language

Thirdly, COBIT 5 provides a basic and simple framework for structuring guidance materials and supporting a consistent product set that includes current ISACA research, other standards such as ITIL, TOGAF and ISO as well as a knowledge base of all COBIT-related material

Lastly, COBIT 5 provides a complete and comprehensive reference source of information and technology governance and management good practices.

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