Video Series - What are the Benefits of TOGAF?


As we discovered in the first of our blog video series "What is TOGAF?" - TOGAF provides an architectural framework for any organization wishing to benefit from developing an enterprise architecture, or anyone wishing to become an enterprise architect.

This, the next video in the series explores the benefits of TOGAF with a short summary of what is included below.

Benefits of TOGAF

TOGAF is not only useful as a framework, but as a resource, providing a wealth of material that can be used by individual architects - regardless of experience level. These resources can be utilized in different ways by those new to the discipline of enterprise architecture, and by experienced architects.

The framework provides a standard architecture development process, and common definitions of components and deliverables to be produced when architecting an enterprise. TOGAF is also designed to be flexible so that it can be integrated with a number of other frameworks.

Because a large number of certified TOGAF practitioners and trainers are available, it’s easy to find people with the right skills to train individuals or who can help an organization develop its skills in Enterprise Architecture.  Furthermore, the TOGAF body of knowledge is available on the Open Group web site – making it an easily accessible and free resource.

The most fundamental benefit of TOGAF is its fluid, evolutionary nature.  As a framework that is continually evolving and improving with each successive version, TOGAF keeps up-to-date with the latest developments and ideas in Enterprise Architecture, and TOGAF 9.1 is the most recent version of the framework.


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