Video Series: What are the Dangers of Avoiding COBIT 5?


What are the Dangers of Avoiding COBIT 5?

Meta desc: A short video introducing and highlighting the dangers and pitfalls of not using COBIT 5 IT Governance best practices.

Body text:

Without an information and technology governance and management framework such as COBIT 5 organisations will find that they face one or more of the following challenges:

1) Non-compliance to relevant regulation or legislation (which is required by external agencies such as regulators) or corporate policy and standards (typically set internally and required by the organization itself)

2) Few or ineffective IT governance processes (such as evaluate, direct, monitor and related processes such as policy management, dispensation, compliance, assessment, escalation, approved product and services set management)

3) Ineffective or no IT governance organisation in place (which is reflected in little or no executive sponsorship, reduced ownership and limited mandates)

4) Misaligned IT strategy which typically leads to (a) sub optimal IT-related decisions and investments and (b) failure of IT initiatives to innovate or deliver benefits

5) Uncontrolled or misdirected expenditure

6) Missing or inadequate performance measurement

7) Inaccurate information relating to the actual cost of IT

So without the governance and management provided by COBIT 5, organizations potentially face increased risk that all your IT and information assets are poorly managed and proper accountability is compromised.

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