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What is TOGAF?

TOGAF is The Open Group Architecture Framework, a well-documented body of knowledge which contains a detailed method and a set of supporting tools for developing enterprise architectures.

TOGAF is developed and maintained by members of The Open Group, working within a group called the Architecture Forum. TOGAF has developed over a number of years, with a steady continuation of different emerging versions since its first production in 1995. The successive versions have extended and improved the body of knowledge available, drawing on the collaborative efforts of over 300 Architecture Forum members. These members span the world's leading companies and organizations, ensuring that TOGAF provides a good summary of general Enterprise Architecture practice.

Developing and sustaining an enterprise architecture is a complex process, involving many stakeholders and decision processes. TOGAF helps by documenting the Enterprise Architecture discipline, process and work products.
By using TOGAF, organizations can develop an enterprise architecture that is consistent, reflects the needs of stakeholders, employs best practice, and gives due consideration to current requirements and the perceived future needs of the business.

This TOGAF body of knowledge is freely available from the Open Group website.

There are also many certified TOGAF practitioners and trainers who can help an organization develop its skills in Enterprise Architecture.

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