Are you prepared to navigate your business’s future path? 

As volatility continues around the world and in the business environment, enterprise architects need to be ready to guide firms as they seek to change and be proactive in charting a course forward. To achieve this, many organizations are turning to roadmaps, particularly in technology, to provide short, medium and long term guides for their development. 

Nonetheless, any attempt to fit business predictions into an uncertain future is going to face difficulty. Architects need to do whatever they can to remove process issues from the creation of a roadmap. This guide has been created to highlight the 6 major mistakes that can pop up for technology roadmaps, and illustrates how they can be avoided. 

Download now to find out: 

  • 6 issues that prevent effective roadmaps from being created

  • How prior work can doom roadmap efforts 

  • How to deal with key stakeholders 

  • The importance of connecting with people across the business