Adding Social Media to an Enterprise Application with UML

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This whitepaper differs from Michelle van den Berg’s ArchiMate, BPN and UML: an approach to harmonizing the notations in that I will focus on a practical application of using both Enterprise Architecture Principles integrated with UML Modeling to look at best practices for adding a new capability to an existing Enterprise Application.

Specifically we will look at something that is highly relevant to today’s business: enhancing an existing Enterprise Application with a Cloud Based Social Media presence.

In prior whitepapers I have discussed the pros and cons of an Inside-Out1 vs. OutsideIn2 approach to deploying an Enterprise Architecture. The former refers to starting from a technical architecture and working towards business goals and the latter to starting with business goals and moving towards an implementation or deployment.

In our example, we have a clearly defined business goal: to enhance or modernize an existing enterprise application by adding a cloud based social media capability to the application. This is a concrete and verifiable business goal and thus lends itself to an Outside In strategy

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Adding Social Media to an Enterprise Application: An EA/UML Approach
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