What are the implications of your cloud migration?

Are you planning to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud, but worry about the implications? That there might be some unintended consequence lurking around the corner? That some unforeseen change in technology will cause your systems to crash or send data into the ether?

Of course, the way to avoid this and effectively deliver the migration that the CTO is demanding is through gap analysis. But, on such a large scale project, this is easier said than done.

By building a rich picture of nodes and relationships, the models enable business analysts to take the lead on risk management; managing changes and delivering insight into how services are architected.

This, however, requires a repository to link diagrams with the correct relationships, enabling the identification of opportunities to reuse technology and share services, which in turn decreases manual effort and errors.

Moreover, iServer’s relationship rules engine ensures that objects are related according to the industry standard and a diagram approval mechanism for peer reviews and project sign-off.

Download the AWS ArchiMate Metamodel poster now and:

  • Spend less time on drawing diagrams without context
  • Reduce inaccurate and time consuming manual input
  • Get better insight into cloud infrastructure and architecture

Check out our poster to find out how iServer provides additional functionality to Amazon Web Services models, enabling users to view and collaborate on the same content.