Ease Your Cloud Migration Worries

Sometimes cloud migration initiatives stall indefinitely due to fear. Change, as we know, can be frightening; the systems we have relied on over the past however many years haven’t let us down (that often). So why are we taking a leap into the unknown?

The key is revealing these unknowns. Mapping our current systems to the new ones, running gap analysis and understanding the benefits of cloud migration are all essential to delivering an effective migration initiative.

Architects must therefore find a way to ensure the new infrastructure is correctly mapped and understood by the wider business. But modeling the new look systems requires preconfigured metamodels aligned to industry standards such as TOGAF, which reuses objects, decreases manual input and reduces errors. All with the end goal of providing increased insight.

The TOGAF AWS Metamodel poster provides the information needed to ensure your migration efforts not only keep the lights on, but deliver tangible benefits:

  • Quickly produce contextualized diagrams
  • Improved speed and accuracy by reducing manual activities
  • Take control of how your infrastructure is architected in the cloud

Download the poster now to learn how iServer can enhance your migration efforts today.