It could be argued the most important part of an architect’s job is effective communication - it's possible to understand an organization’s most complex challenges and design fit for purpose solutions but if senior managers cannot understand or buy-in to those solutions this doesn’t mean very much.

Since there are a vast amount of ways to dissect an application portfolio and in turn structure your architecture model to support them, this white paper will focus on just a handful of attributes and relationships. It will use the TOGAF 9 metamodel as a foundation with Orbus Software’s TOGAF notation, but there are deviations, such as the linkage from Function to Logical Application Component. As with every Application Portfolio Management (APM) architecture metamodel, metadata is of primary importance. With this in mind, and having first hand experience of the number of different configurations in use, this paper will limit attributes used.

This white paper focuses on how to communicate a specific type of information, your application rationalization vision, from a number of perspectives.

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