Business Strategy Modeling can be the biggest value driver of Enterprise Architecture. Find out why. 

Business Strategy Modeling (BSM) is a big use case for enterprise architecture, but for those who haven’t started this initiative it can be confusing as to why. Digital transformation projects are easy to identify the value they can deliver and the relevance of EA, but strategy modeling feels like it’s more of a C-suite responsibility. 

Why have some enterprises embraced BSM as part of their EA? This eBook will explore how BSM can act as the capstone for a mature enterprise architecture team, ensuring clarity of vision aligned to goals and measured by objectives. Once you have strategic models within the architecture, these can then inform other EA initiatives, providing strategic direction to any digital transformation or architectural mapping and giving stakeholders visibility over a much greater part of the organization 

Download now to find out: 

  • How iServer can craft and improve your strategy models 

  • Why strategy modeling is such a natural fit for EA 

  • A quick start guide to performing business strategy modeling 

  • Why strategy modeling requires a mature EA function