Your customers are the lifeblood of the business. Fail to understand and enhance their experience, and they’ll find someone who will. 

At the heart of the customer journey are various touchpoints, which register every interaction. By quantifying the impression, the customer receives a net promoter score, which rates the user’s happiness with the interaction; put another way, is the experience what they expected, perhaps even demanded?

Mapping the customer journey from their perspective ensures all different touchpoints can be evaluated, at the same time as containing information about the type of user, their end goals and the interactions/processes they go through.

A well designed customer journey map can be used by any internal stakeholders to identify bottlenecks and issues, and outline how a user is likely to interact. Looking more broadly it can also be used to define target markets, potential opportunities and form the basis of a business case for process improvement initiatives.

Our Customer Journey Map Starter Pack will set you on your way to improving your customer’s experience. It includes:

  • An introduction to customer journey mapping
  • Visio templates and stencils
  • Diagrams and examples
  • A customer journey map overview

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