How do you transition your organization from one state to another?

Transitioning an organization from one state to another sounds simple, but the reality is overwhelming. How would you like your organization to look?  How will you leverage advances in digital technology? Do you know the requisite steps for delivering an efficient, agile and disruptive enterprise? How are you measuring progress? Can you comprehensively document your current state?

For enterprise architects, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Rationalizing the information, knowing what to measure and which techniques to apply can all lead to indecision. While gap analysis might seem simple on the surface, it’s a lot more complex than a simple comparison exercise. There are myriad questions and answers, some of which demand clear answers, while others are in a constant state of flux.

This eBook examines the key areas of gap analysis and how your enterprise function can support it. Inside you’ll learn how to:

  • Define current states
  • Define target states
  • Identify and bridge gaps

Download the eBook now to find out how you can develop an efficient gap analysis process, which can form a cornerstone of your digital transformation.

EA teams, therefore, need to work on improving their gap analysis skills, but it must be done in conjunction with building stronger EA capability in general. - Enterprise Architecture Gap Analysis