Service Transition (ST) establishes a consistent approach to transitioning new and upgraded IT Services into Service Operation, including the decommissioning of old IT Services. A key focus is managing the changes to IT Services and their components efficiently. But the ST processes also ensure that the risk of making changes is managed, new releases of IT Services meet customer expectations, and the IT Services do deliver the business value desired.

In his previous paper “Enterprise Architecture and ITIL®: Implementing Service Transition” Trevor Lea-Cox looked at some of the more important concepts in Service Transition. He then gave a brief summary of each of the ITIL® Service Transition processes and concluded with a small example applied to an EA department to illustrate the principles.

In this paper on Service Operation (SO), Trevor:

  • Briefly reviews some important principles used in ITIL® for managing the operation of IT Services.
  • Summarizes the main ITIL® processes for managing Service Operation and the key IT Operations functions that support them.
  • Shows how these principles would be applied to the “EA Publishing Service”.