Enterprise Architecture – To IT and BEYOND!

As with my previous white paper: Enterprise Architecture and Agile Development, Contradiction or Synergy, this paper is focused outside of the IT implementation details of Enterprise Architecture. It comes out of my experiences using EA to facilitate rationalization of the technologies involved in the product portfolio of a major technology vendor.

In an earlier paper I asked the question Enterprise Architecture: Is it just Innovation Management? Is it just Application Portfolio Management? I then proceeded to discuss how both disciplines can benefit from using an Enterprise Architecture approach. This paper expands on that theme to discuss how Enterprise Architecture can play a very useful role in the customer facing product development for technology driven corporations.

Review: What Enterprise Architecture is

First a quick review. What is Enterprise Architecture? Many start by invoking Zachman Frameworksi and TOGAF®ii and similar implementation approaches of Enterprise Architecture. But fundamentally what Enterprise Architecture is about is managing technology complexity in harmony with business goals.

Initially it was developed for aligning the IT organization’s services, technologies and capabilities with the business goals and needs of the corporation. It was a way of dealing with the technological complexity of Information Technology in the context of business needs.

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