How to Build a Mature Enterprise Architecture Practice

The spiraling complexity of rapid transformation has forced the enterprise to find new means of adapting. Robust yet flexible architectures underpin the organization through this evolution, but too often they are started without clear direction or intent. They become a black hole of time, resources and money, consigned to the scrapheap – much like the organization that couldn’t respond to digitalization and technical advancement.

So how resilient is your enterprise architecture? Has the initiative fulfilled its potential? Or are you still struggling to get it off the ground?

Establishing and maintaining a mature, optimized enterprise architecture practice is easier said than done; very often organizations begin the initiative without a clear end in mind, or reach an unforeseen roadblock that sets it back indefinitely. Five Steps to Designing a Fully Optimized Enterprise Architecture identifies a clear strategy, and markers that you can follow on a journey to a fully optimized program.

The eBook explores different stages of maturity, what they look like and how you can progress to the next stage. Download it now to learn more about the five key stages:

  • Emergent
  • Developing
  • Functional
  • Performing
  • Optimized

While designing, building and maintaining a fully optimized enterprise architecture can be challenging, it is not an insurmountable task. If you want further information on the steps you can take, why not download our visual guide.