What’s the very first step to enabling Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

No, it’s not choosing a framework or picking an EA tool; before an organization does anything, they’ll need to actually have a team of enterprise architects.

How do organizations put together a well-functioning and capable team? EA is a more complicated domain than most other areas of business, with more specialized staffing requirements. Just hiring a few experienced architects and throwing them at a problem is likely to end in disaster.

In this eBook, we’ll explain precisely how to find, hire, organize and manage a team of enterprise architects, covering their skills & salaries, the supporting elements and the different methods of arranging architecture work.

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  • The 7 skill areas essential for a good enterprise architect
  • How domain and technical architects fit in
  • Arguments around the size of an EA team
  • Why centralized and de-centralized teams can both work in the right situation