Are you prepared for the next big cyberattack?

The US government recently suffered one of the worst cyberattacks in its history. However, they were not breached directly, but in a supply chain attack targeting the software provider SolarWinds. As the battle between attack and defence intensifies, every stakeholder and part of a supply chain could become a target in the future. Even organizations that don’t think they need to worry about cybersecurity will have to change.

Fortunately, all is not lost. Properly implementing and maintaining oversight of the right security controls will still go a long way towards preventing damage, while there are many steps that can be taken to mitigate attacks that do occur. This eBook will lay out the frameworks organizations can turn to, and actions they can take in response to attacks.

Download now to find out:

  • How attackers gained access to US government data through their supply chain

  • The risks that are due to come from increasing sophistication and possible cyber-warfare

  • The major security and governance frameworks that organizations will need

  • The steps to take when an attack does get through