Recently I completed a short series of white papers featuring the most common and damaging gotchas/pitfalls that undermine the quality of reporting for the ITIL framework.

After all that scaremongering, I think it is prudent to provide a method to check the quality of an organization’s existing report suite, or as a sanity check during the development of an ITIL Reporting Suite on a greenfield site.

None of these checks are technology or platform specific, and most can be carried out with a minimum of technical knowhow.

The remainder of this white paper consists of various Health Check activities, with each one uncovering a different aspect of erroneously implemented reporting.

I think everyone knows the story about the business which went bankrupt due to an end user’s mistake on an accounting spreadsheet....I don’t even know if the story is true, but think the warning is a valid one regardless.

So can an ITIL Performance Report create such destruction? Probably no.

But it depends on how pivotal the report is to business decision making. Many ITIL reports measure services by third party suppliers, and erroneous measurement can cost.

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