Using Processes to Deliver Your Company’s Goals

Few would deny the importance of strategy. Without it, the organization would be a glorified headless chicken. However, too often there is a disconnect between the staff on the ground, and the executives who are responsible for defining a company’s strategic direction.

Silos emerge and enterprises become desperate for bridges that link the proliferating islands. So how do you find these crucial connections that ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction? Understanding the impact process can have on both communicating and managing the overarching messaging and company goals is vital to achieving strategic alignment.

In this eBook we explore the interrelationship between process and strategy, looking at the methods and techniques to deliver on your company value proposition.

Download your copy now to gain crucial insight on topics, including:

  • What Is Strategy?
  • The Danger of a Strategic Disconnect
  • Crossing the Silos
  • Strategy and Process Measurement

Our business processes are one of the ways that our strategy is enacted—and if they are not aligned to our strategy, then we have a problem. Process and Strategy: A Crucial Connection