This four part series of white papers provides guidance for rapidly building and maintaining a simple, robust, transparent and repeatable approach to setting and achieving strategically aligned goals, in a way which suits your own business maturity and capability. The series demonstrates a pragmatic approach to doing the right thing, at the right time in the right way to get the right results for the right reasons.

In Part 1 “Guide to Rapid Strategic Alignment & Value: Enterprise Goals and ICT Goals”, Shane Mortensen provides a method for setting, prioritizing, quantifying and aligning both enterprise and ICT goals, resulting in an interactive dashboard to assist in delivering the results.

The paper includes:

- The ability to show how ICT quantitatively delivers towards  the business' Goals

- The ability to prioritize ICT goals & strategies for maximum business value

- The ability to view and assess the impact of changing business goals on ICT's goals and strategies

- The ability to view the business impact of shifting ICT goals and strategies

- An enterprise dashboard for goal & strategy setting, prioritizing and reviewing

- An ICT dashboard for assessing and planning business value of goals, processes and investments