The only guide you’ll need to transform your application portfolio.

Technology has had incredible impacts on every organization, with many applications revolutionizing productivity, opening up new markets, and providing opportunities for new products. However, all of this growth has left many firms with bloated and wasteful application portfolios. 

Maintaining an efficient application portfolio is vital for organizations to stay one step ahead of their competition, yet the complexity and speed of change for IT departments can make it very difficult to stay on top of this task. Application Rationalization has become a key initiative for many enterprise architecture teams as they seek to solve this issue.  The Definitive Application Rationalization Guide will give you all the tools you need to deliver results. 

This eBook will cover: 

  • The basics of Application Rationalization 

  • Why Rationalization is necessary for enterprises 

  • Barriers to effective rationalization 

  • 7 Steps to rationalizing a portfolio 

  • Next steps for application portfolio management 

Download your copy today and get started on improving efficiency, saving money, and delivering better IT management.