Have you harnessed the ecosystem?

Enterprise transformation has been driven by a new, holistic approach to the business. Organizations have evolved into ecosystems; interconnected entities made up of moving parts and requirements. While this shift in focus promises reward, it has also brought a new set of challenges, with silos emerging as different parts of the business struggle to keep up.

No longer are businesses focusing purely on profit, but rather establishing and developing thriving relationships, both internally and externally, delivering value to shareholders, stakeholders and consumers alike. Companies must find a way to bridge divides, as they build upon customer centric values and spanning systems, applications, people and devices.

This change in approach has required a change in architecting. Enterprise and business architects must now produce cross organizational operating models and value streams in conjunction with varying levels of capability maturity. The Evolution of Organizations as Ecosystems eBook looks at the implications of this transition, and how enterprise architecture can best respond. Download it to find out more on:

  • The emergence of the organization as an ecosystem
  • How enterprise and business architectures affect organizational change
  • Business capability assessments and report processes

Get the eBook now to find out how architectures can help change the shape of your ecosystem.

“Architecture is perfectly positioned to lead the charge in ‘big picture thinking,’ and has over the years lead many discussions on breaking down silo based organizations.”  - The Evolution of Organizations as Ecosystems