Are you prepared for every part of the SaaS revolution? 

Software as a Service, or SaaS, has become a major new business model for many types of software, driven by the growth of the internet and the speed of software development. Though the market for on-premises applications remains robust, the rate at which firms are turning to SaaS means that SaaS applications could soon be the biggest part of application portfolios. 

As both customers and software developers increasingly turn to SaaS models, enterprise architects will need to be mindful of the potential impacts that this change can have. In particular, this e-book addresses the risks posed to business continuity and the new factors that may alter your business impact analyses. 

Download now to find out: 

  • The state of the SaaS market and what has driven its growth 

  • The potential risks that SaaS products pose to business continuity 

  • How EAs can account for SaaS products in a business impact analysis 

  • 3 Steps to protect business continuity