Any type of initiative that involves modeling, managing or improving a business process will require the involvement and buy-in of a range of stakeholders. To truly understand a process it is important to liaise with representatives from the various teams that are involved, and it’s important to gain an understanding of the process’ core objectives from the perspective of both the organization and the customer. This will include liaising with managers and team leaders as well as the ‘process operators’ who actually undertake the work.

This can be a very diverse range of stakeholders, each of whom has a different perspective on the process. It can sometimes feel like we are piecing together a puzzle, with each stakeholder holding a different piece. In order to ensure we create processes that are as efficient and effective as possible it is crucial that we make sure we look at each of these pieces of the puzzle.

Process mapping, management and improvement initiatives require the input of a wide range of stakeholders. It is easy to assume that everyone knows what we mean by ‘process’, but it is likely that this will be an alien term to some.  This e-book explores how to create initiatives that achieve buy-in across departments and teams.