I have been exposed to a lot of pain caused by a lack of data management and organizational focus on the data assets of numerous organizations. In this paper, I will outline some of the pain experienced, and value to be generated from a holistic approach to managing your data.

Organizations facing into this pain are identifying that they need to wind back 20+ years of poor data management practices, ad hoc data processes and project driven approaches to moving data around the organization and a lack of visibility to their data assets.

Poor data management practices does slow your business down. It reduces your agility, increases your costs to deliver services and projects, leads to poor customer experiences, reduces your ability to compete, creates an inability to deliver timely and automated reports, reduces your revenue generating insights, and increases concerns at Board and Executive level.

Andrew Swindell talks data as an organizational asset, and explains the value that can be generated by adopting a holistic approach to managing data and this ebook breaks down two case studies and offers up some best practice approaches, including the DMBOK (Data Management Body of Knowledge) methodology provided by DAMA (Data Management Association).

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