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Orbus EA Academy - Architecting Business Resilience as a Competitive Advantage

Successful customer-obsessed firms adopt a future fit strategy: adaptive, to reconfigure core business concepts; creative, to bring emotion and engagement to customers, employee, and partner experiences; and resilient, to deliver on their vision and brand promise, no matter the current uncertainty about what comes next. 

These same firms understand the specifics of a crisis, have a practiced response, and use situational awareness during a crisis to seek new opportunities. They differentiate from other firms by designing business and technology capabilities and solutions for dependability and flexibility - they have a strong focus on resiliency. What is the role of EA in these firms, and how do EAs build an adaptive architecture to respond to issues as they arise?

In this webinar, Dr Gordon Barnett FCCA from Forrester Research Inc. will present data to reflect the importance of resiliency to firms, and how enterprise architects assess, model and architect capabilities and solutions that enable firms to survive, adapt, and grow in the face of crisis. 

Webinar Resilience