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Practical Strategies for AI Use Case Identification and Prioritization


This session from Vikas Goel, an AI advisor and director at Shiker Consulting, and Ruper Colbourne, Chief Technology Officer at Orbus Software will offer a comprehensive exploration of AI use case identification and prioritization through the dual lenses of AI expertise and enterprise transformation.

Vikas will delve into the intricacies of AI deployment, sharing practical frameworks and strategies for harnessing AI's transformative power. Complementing Vikas's insights, Rupert will address the challenges and strategies from an enterprise architecture perspective, focusing on the integration and effective implementation of AI within organizational structures. Together, they will provide a balanced view on navigating the complexities of digital transformation, offering actionable advice for aligning AI initiatives with business objectives and architectural considerations.

Expect to leave with a better understanding of how AI could work in your organization and how to use it for competitive advantage, while hearing personal insights from those with first-hand experience.



Vikas Goel

AI Advisor & Director

Rupert Colbourne

Chief Technology Officer