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Sustainability and Enterprise Architecture: The Alliance for a Better Future

Forrester Orbus Software


In this Orbinar, Stéphane Vanrechem, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and Claire De Bie, Principal Product Manager at Orbus Software, explored the pivotal role of sustainability in today's business and IT landscapes.

They highlighted:

  • the often-overlooked connection between sustainability efforts and business and IT transformation
  • how enterprise architecture can bridge this gap, actively driving sustainable transformation in a digitally dominated business world.

The discussion extended beyond environmental aspects to encompass broader sustainability themes, including social responsibility and governance. Attendees learned practical ways to embed sustainability across their organizations, encompassing governance, roles, goals, and policies.

Additionally, the session covered how sustainability can apply across an enterprise, considering how to efficiently bring sustainability to life in common use cases from process mapping to application rationalization, and in development and workplace practices. Understand the role of enterprise architects in project portfolio management, integrating sustainability assessments to shape a future-ready business.

Watch the session recording to join a conversation that could redefine your approach to enterprise architecture and sustainability.