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The Rise of ESG and the Challenge of Operationalizing Sustainability


In today's business landscape, the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) cannot be overstated.

Its prominence has grown to such an extent that it now stands as a C-level priority in many organizations. However, while the act of sustainability reporting is undeniably vital, it alone does not guarantee tangible progress.

A significant challenge that businesses grapple with is the actual operationalization of sustainability.

This is where Enterprise Architects (EAs) can play a pivotal role. The current market reveals a pressing need for tools that can effectively operationalize sustainability. This sentiment is echoed by feedback from seasoned industry professionals and corroborated by research from esteemed institutions such as Gartner, CapGemini, and Forrester.

These insights underscore the imperative for sustainability to be seamlessly integrated into everyday business decision-making. Join us in this OrbusLive as we delve deeper into these topics and explore potential solutions.



Claire De Bie

Claire De Bie

Principal Product Manager

VP of growth Marketing at Orbus Software

Natalia Di Palma

VP Growth Marketing