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The Role of Enterprise Architecture as a Driving Force to Business Recovery and Opportunity

As we return to some form of normality after the last year, Enterprise Architecture will play a major role in ensuring that organizations remain robust in the times ahead.

By having the ability to draw in information from across the organization, Enterprise Architects can provide the tools necessary to turn raw data into actionable intelligence. They are an invaluable asset when fitting disparate ideas together and assisting strategies for organizational change. If speed is of essence, anything that helps the decision-making process will help organizations to accelerate change. Fundamentally, they are a pivotal force for not only surviving these challenges but thriving in a post-COVID world.

In this talk, we will explore how:

  • Enterprise Architecture will be a key driver for digital initiatives
  • To have the right information displayed in the right way
  • Organizations can adjust to a new normal thanks to EA

Philip has been a senior consultant with Orbus for 3 years, working with a range of worldwide customers and industries to provide training and consultancy to support their business transformation initiatives.

Webinar Enterprise Architecture