A helpful A-Z glossary listing key Business and IT transformation terms and technical definitions..

  • Flow

    A Flow is a directional connector between elements in a Process, Collaboration, or Choreography.
  • Flow Object

    A Flow Object is a graphical object that can be connected to or from a Sequence Flow.
  • Fork

    A Fork in a process is a point in the Process where a process path can be split into two or more process paths that are run in parallel within the process.
  • Foundation Architecture

    A Foundation Architecture is a set of Generic building blocks, their inter-relationships with other building blocks, combined with the principles and guidelines that provide a foundation on which more specific architectures can be built.
  • Framework

    A Framework is a tool that can be used to structure thinking around content or process, ensuring consistency and completeness.
  • Gap

    A Gap is the statement of difference between two states and is usally used in the context to analyze the gap between two known states, for example the Baseline and Target Architecture.
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