A helpful A-Z glossary listing key Business and IT
transformation terms and technical definitions.


    TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is a widely-used enterprise architecture methodology that provides a high-level framework for enterprise software development.
  • Token

    A Token is a theoretical concept that is used in BPMN as an aid to define the behavior of a Process that is being performed.
  • Total Quality Management

    Total Quality Management (TQM) is a business management strategy aimed at embedding awareness of quality in all organizational processes.
  • Transaction

    A Transaction is a sub-process that represents a set of coordinated activities carried out by independent, loosely-coupled systems in accordance with a contractually defined business relationship.
  • Transition Architecture

    A Transition Architecture is a formal description of one state of the architecture at an architecturally significant point in time.
  • Trigger

    A Trigger is a mechanism that detects an occurrence and can cause additional processing in response, such as the start of a business Process.
  • Uncontrolled Flow

    An Uncontrolled Flow is a flow that proceeds without dependencies or conditional expressions.
  • View

    A View is the representation of a related set of concerns.
  • Viewpoint

    A Viewpoint is a definition of the perspective from which a view is taken.
  • Voice of the Customer

    The "voice of the customer" is the term used to describe the stated and unstated needs or requirements of the customer.
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