A helpful A-Z glossary listing key Business and IT transformation terms and technical definitions..

  • Methodology

    A Methodology is the analysis of different methods and approaches to collect details of various 'best practice' methods capable of addressing various forms of common problems.
  • Model

    Model is constructed to provide a representation of a subject area of interest. The model provides a smaller (scale), simplified, and / or abstract representation of the subject area.
  • Modeling

    Modeling refers to the construction of an applicable Model for a particular subject area or domain, through the use of appropriate Methodologies.
  • Muda

    Muda is a Japanese term used to describe any type of waste elements that add no value to the product: i.e. Waiting, Transporting, Over production, Excess Motion, Inventory Defects, Human Touches.
  • Normal Flow

    A Normal Flow is a process flow that originates from a Start Event and continues through activities on alternative and parallel paths until reaching an End Event.
  • Objective

    In the context of Enterprise Architecture or Business Process Analysis, Objective refers to a desired outcome that is quantifiable and measurable.
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