A helpful A-Z glossary listing key Business and IT transformation terms and technical definitions..

  • Solution Building Block

    A Solution Building Block is a collection of applicable architectural components that together form a building block for a solution.
  • Solutions Continuum

    The Solutions Continuum denotes the various implementations of relevant architectures at corresponding levels within the Architecture Continuum.
  • Stakeholder

    A Stakeholder is an individual, team, or organization (or classes thereof) with interests in, or concerns relative to, the outcome of the architecture.
  • Standards Information Base

    The Standards Information Base (or SIB) is a database of standards that can be used to define the particular services and other components of an Organization-Specific Architecture.
  • Start Event

    A Start Event is an Event that indicates where a particular Process starts.
  • Statement of Work

    A statement of work (SOW) is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities, deliverables, and timeline a vendor must execute in performance of specified work for a client.
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