A helpful A-Z glossary listing key Business and IT transformation terms and technical definitions..

  • Artifact (in BPMN 2.0)

    Artifact, as specified and used BPMN 2.0, is a graphical object that provides supporting information about the Process or elements within the Process.
  • Association (in BPMN 2.0)

    An Association, as specified and used in BPMN 2.0, is a connecting object that is used to link information and Artifacts with Flow Objects.
  • Asynchronous Process

    In an asynchronous process, an activity sends a message to another process, but does not wait for a response before continuing.
  • Atomic Activity

    An Atomic Activity is an activity that is not broken down to any finer level of Process Model detail.
  • Balanced Scorecard

    A Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and performance tool that is used by organizations to align business activities to the organization's vision and strategy and monitor organization performance against it's strategic goals and objectives.
  • Baseline

    The Baseline is considered the starting point of an architecture specification that has been formally reviewed and agreed upon.
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