A helpful A-Z glossary listing key Business and IT
transformation terms and technical definitions.

  • Collapsed Sub-Process

    A Collapsed Sub-Process is a sub-Process that hides its flow details.
  • Communications and Stakeholder Management

    Communications and Stakeholder Management is the means by which the needs of stakeholders are managed.
  • Compensation Flow

    A Compensation Flow is a type of flow that defines the set of activities that are performed while a transaction is being rolled back, to compensate for activities that were performed during the normal flow of the process.
  • Compound Activity

    A Compound Activity is an activity that has detail that is defined as a flow of other activities.
  • Concerns

    Concerns are the means by which key interests of important stakeholders are described.
  • Constraint

    An external factor that prevents an organization from pursuing particular approaches to meet its goals is defined as being a Constraint.
  • Continuous Process Improvement

    Continuous Process Improvement relates to ongoing effort to analyze, discover and eliminate problems in the performance of business processes, thus increasing overall value and productivity of an organizations processes.
  • Controlled Flow

    A Controlled Flow is a flow that proceeds from one Flow Object to another, via a Sequence Flow link, but is subject to either conditions or dependencies from other flow as defined by a Gateway.
  • Critical Quality

    Critical to Quality are key measurable characteristics of a product or process whose performance standards or specification limits must be met in order to satisfy the customer.
  • Data Architecture

    Data Architecture can be defined as the structure and content that describe an organization's types, content and sources of data. It is typically described in layers, using increasing levels of detail and complexity.
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