A helpful A-Z glossary listing key Business and IT transformation terms and technical definitions..

  • Abstract Process

    An Abstract Process represents interactions between a private business process and another process or participant.
  • Abstraction

    Abstraction is a technique for producing a high-level summarization or generalization of more complex or detailed topics or content.
  • Activity

    An Activity is work performed by an organization using business processes. An activity can be atomic or non-atomic (compound). Types of activities used within Process Models include Process, Sub-Process, and Task.
  • Activity Cost Worksheet

    Activity Cost Worksheets are a matrix that are used to analyze various costs of a set of activities.
  • Actor

    An Actor is a normally used to define a physical or quasi-physical entity, such as a person, organization, or system.
  • Ad Hoc Workflow System

    An Ad Hoc Workflow System is a type of workflow system that waits on users to indicate what should happen next.

Etat de Genève

Nov 30, 2022, 15:23 PM by Gerardo Serrador
Learn how Etat de Genève uses iServer to simplify governance and improve strategic decision-making.

Etat de Genève uses TOGAF to create information system transformation plans. They use architectural views and modelling during projects to define the current setup and solution. 

They then describe what the future solution will look like along with the transformation plan on how to get there. These requirements made iServer a natural choice for Etat de Genève. 

Etat de Genève has first deployed iServer across the OCSIN (Digital and Information Systems Office of the State of Geneva) teams who use it to map their systems and changes. They are now deploying the solution across other departments in the business as well.