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Big Data and Process

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A white paper exploring how Big Data and Business Process can provide benefits to an organization.

Big Data has become one of the most talked about trends in technology today. It has been pinpointed as a marketer’s dream – a way of targeting customers like never before – but there is little understanding about how Big Data could or should interact with Business Processes.

In this paper, Craig Reid attempts to identify how we can use Big Data and Business Process together to improve our organizations. In particular CIOs, Data Architects and Business Process Analysts can use this white paper to identify how to use the two together to provide benefits to the organization and to customers.

In summary, this white paper explains:

• What Big Data is

• Why organizations need to examine the impact of Big Data on Business Process

• The benefits of using Big Data and Business Process together

• Examples of how organizations are using Big Data and Business Process to add value