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Control the Costs of your next SAP Upgrade or Enhancement Project with the Scope and Effort Analyzer

ERP Management May 19, 2023

This paper runs through the primary challenges identified by SAP customers in performing SAP upgrades and introduces the Scope and Effort Analyzer (SEA) as a resolve.

SAP customers have long since been encouraged to keep their SAP solution up to date, not only to ensure stability of their SAP systems and the business processes that run on them, but also to take advantage of new enhancements delivered on a frequent basis by SAP. Indeed, the move to an Enhancement Package (EhP) concept for SAP’s major products, including SAP ERP and SAP CRM, was designed to encourage this further, by enabling new functionality to be technically implemented and the new functionality ‘switched on’ in a controlled fashion at a later date.

However, whilst the acquisition and implementation of new functionality and technical upgrades has been streamlined to a degree with this concept, there are still some barriers to adoption – largely stemming from the costs of implementation of upgrade and EhP projects still being hard to swallow for many organizations. As a result, many organizations running SAP have been reluctant to upgrade and end up languishing on older releases, not making the most of their investment in SAP and the investments that SAP have made in improving their products over time.

Why is it, that in today’s modern world, costs of upgrading key business systems still require significant investment? And, more importantly, what can we do to alleviate these challenges?Ben Parris weighs in on the importance of upgrades and enhancements in his latest white paper.

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