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Customer Architecture: Why Visibility Strengthens Execution

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

Our eBook explores how a company’s “Go To Market” influences the customers behaviour and responses

If your Architecture models do not reflect the customer or provide some reference points back to the customer, then the discussion rarely addresses the specific customer segments and your agility and ability to respond to changes in customer needs.

Even if your customers for deployment are front line staff, your role is to ensure that customer focus is top of mind and models ensure customers and employees are represented and key relationships are identified.

In today’s ever changing digital world, organizations need to be dynamic, close to the customer, and able to respond in an agile fashion to the changes in customer needs. The importance of a rigorous focus on the customer represents a concept beyond question. Customers are the source of cash flows for any company. Their perceptions, intentions and ultimately behaviors largely determine the fate of the firm.

Yet, in architecture practice, the deliberate consideration of the customer in business decision making and architectural models cannot be taken for granted. Competing with other corporate priorities, customer focus often goes underappreciated by functions beyond marketing and may be discounted entirely by some organizations.

For example, often credit or transactional decisions are made that do not reflect the significant investments or track record of a customer to your business. The impact of this oversight can be significant. Across industries, the benefits are enjoyed by organizations who routinely execute on a solid understanding of the customer journey and priorities. These commonly stand in stark contrast to the problems faced by organizations who fail to do so.

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