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Defining a Facility Architecture within the Agile Enterprise Architecture Context

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

A paper explaining the key components of the Facility Architecture domain to help architects and analysts.

Facility architecture is important for architecting and supporting other domain architectures, and enterprises need to understand and design it as a part of their overall enterprise architecture. However, the existing mainstream enterprise architecture frameworks lack the support for developing facility architecture. The Gill Framework provides this support, as it can be used with available tools for developing facility architecture within the overall context of enterprise architecture.

This white paper explains the key components of the facility architecture domain that could help the architects, analysts, and leaders in understanding its applicability and integration with other EA domain architectures. Firstly, it discusses the need for a new facility architecture domain. Secondly, it discusses The Gill Framework and defines the novel facility architecture. Finally, it discusses the facility architecture components, concluding with a short discussion about how the facility architecture can be used within the overall context of enterprise architecture.